Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tonight, I sat down and planned a small, over night get away for the kids and I during Spring Break. I had a few places in mind, but cost, and distance, and in some cases, area, put me off of them.

In the end, I opted for safe & simple- we're going to be going back to my hometown area over night. We do that a lot, actually, several times a year. However, we rarely partake in the fun, tourist type things to do. Often, we're rushed from point A to point B to point C, and leave feeling unrested, tired, and frazzled. Well, me at least.

Instead of focusing on doing things with my family, I decided on two places we'll go see, each taking a good portion of the day on two separate days. The in between will be filled with us staying at a hotel with an indoor pool- that was important to me, because if there wasn't a pool, we might as well have just stayed with family for free. This way, though, it's something fun for the kids to do.

It also has free breakfast, and, get this- under $60/night after taxes. Score!

For things to do, we are going to the local museum one night for a big celebration- they will have admission to the museum, admission to the special exhibit, a planetarium show, unlimited rides on the carousel, and a kid friendly meal, all for $10/person (or $5/person for members- which we'll be). Members normally get in to the museum, special exhibits, and planetarium free. Carousel rides are $1/each time, and meals cost whatever in the little cafe they have (which is horribly over priced).

The other thing we'll do is go to the zoo over there. We almost never go to that one. The year we moved to the Lansing area, we lived near the zoo and had a membership. The kids and I went probably 6 times through out the summer, once at Halloween, once at Christmas, and 2-3 times that following Spring before it expired. I can buy a membership to the zoo over there, and use it at the local zoo, and half price at another, larger semi-local zoo, so I may do that.

After settling that, I asked the kids all if they knew where their bathing suits were, and if they still fit in them after last year. Chris has been using his for swim class at school, and Gilly found hers right away. Raegan couldn't locate hers, but said that it was really tight last summer.

Last year, we went frugal, and bought in the girls department, even though she fit in a woman's XS or S (but, have you SEEN how LITTLE fabric covers those? For DOUBLE the cost?!?!). Some people didn't understand why I laid down "the law" last year, and told her NO BIKINI. They said, "She's only young once!"

Well, I have little interest in 15 & 16 year old boys oogling my 13 year old daughter, so... I went with what I was comfortable with. It was a tankini with boy short bottoms- as covering as you can get shy of a skirted 1 piece.

This year? OMG. I was looking online and cringing at each suit I saw. CRINGING. I jokingly said, "Hey, Rae- you don't mind just going with  a pair of boys swim trunks and a tankini top, do you?"

....She totally loved the idea- except wants a bikini top. I may concede- besides, you can wear T-shirts over top. ;) My favorite part, though, is that boy trunks will cover hips, thighs, legs, and rear ends. She's almost 14, but on a good day? She could pass for 16. I have no desire to bring boys knocking at my door just yet. None at all.

This weekend, I'll take her shopping and see what we can decide on mutually. Maybe I can talk her into one of those wet-suit type t-shirt tops in lieu of a bikini top? Hmm.... Nick said she'd better like what I come up with, or she can spend the summer in a turtleneck. The idea has some merit.

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