Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When did she grow up?

Today, I went to Goodwill, as I tend to do. I love finding good deals. Today, I found a steal. Two semi-formal, satin dresses good for a certain-almost-a-freshman-girl's first homecoming next fall.  Brand new, with tags from Target. Sure, they were only $24.99 to start off with (I have never seen such cute, satin dresses there!) but I snagged them for just $4.99 each.

And really, have you seen the prices of dresses for teen dances lately? Certainly no better in quality, sometimes cheaper quality, but slap some sequins and glitter on a dress, and the price triples. I've been saying for 2 years now that the summer before Freshman year, I would take Raegan to DEB's and let her find a post-Prom clearance dress for her freshman homecoming. Because, I'm too frugal to pay $80 for a dress.

Both dresses were her size. So darling, so cute, so perfect! The tricky part? I honestly didn't know if she would even like either of them, but I didn't want to risk waiting, and have them be scooped up out from under me. I did what I had to- I asked for the return policy, and bought em.

Upon further inspection when Rae got home, we found that the one I really loved, a grey satin tank dress with a twirly skirt and a bold, burgundy and green floral pattern, had a broken zipper. A doubly broken zipper. Once it was down, both on and off, the zipper refused to zip past the waist going up. And, the hang tag was missing from the zipper. So, it's going back.

The second dress, though, was perfect. It looks great on her- the color is good. The dress is short, but Raegan is only 5'0", so the dress is almost knee length. Much longer, I'm sure, than intended. The only real down side to me, is that it IS strapless. However, I intend to fix that. I'll try and find some matching or coordinating fabric and add straps to it. Raegan requested halter straps. If I have to go with a different color fabric, then I'll use black, and add some around the waist to "tie it in", so to speak.

Either way, that dress has aged Raegan, myself, and my husband, Nick. She looks beautiful in it, but so darn old!

Grey hair, here I come, party of 1 please.

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