Thursday, May 19, 2011

Has it been a year?

Apparently, it has been. So where to start?

Probably the biggest change over the past year, is that Gillian was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. She gets a lot of therapy help at school, which is fantastic. We hwve been blessed eith the school we have, because I have heard nothing but horror storries about what most other parents go through when it comes to having schools recognize the diagnosis, and provide the appropriate therapies for it.

Chris is in the 6th grade, and not doing so hot. Last year, all A's. This year? He has opted not to bring homework home for the most part (something we did not think odd, because last year, he never brought homework home, either) and his math grade has BOMBED.

Raegan alos has had a less than steller year. In fact, we yanked her out of the public high school, and transfered her to the local alternative school. She is doing better- not great, but better. Hopefully it will get better next year. I am not entirely certain she will have enough credits to be a sophmore at the start of the school year. It will be close, if she does get enough. She's such a smart kid, but like Chris, hates homework. She has no trouble with the work, justdoing it. Her past teachers have even said they can't help her, when the problem isn't knowing it, it's doing it.

So, they are all pretty mucha. Daily challenge. Gotta love em, otherwise I would have to give em away, or lock myself in a closet blubbering like an idiot.

We are headed on a family vacation soon. Hopefully it will be stress free. Nick is going with us this time. He hates vacations, hates camping, hates being in the car with the kids for like 4 hours.

We are going back up to Mackinaw City. Last time, it was just me and 3 kids. We planned for 6 days, and stayed 4, because they were stressing me rught the heck out.

On a more me related note, my own health has been horrid. I can't sleep, I can't Get comfortable. I fele run down and shitty -all- the time. I don't like getting out of bed, but I do. My head pounds 75% of the day, and is accompanied by uncomforatble back aches half the time. I have an upcoming appt with the pain clinic, but for now, i subside on vicodin at night, and excederin during the day. I don't take the vic often- too many people get addicted to it, and i have zero desire to follow their path. Besides, it doesn't even do much more than take the edge off everything.

The sleeping part is probably the worst. And what really pisses me off are the helpful suggestions. If you have ever had actual insomnia, you know what I mean. The, "have you tried herbs?", "melatonin is awesome!", or the ever helpful, "you just need to get into a regular schedule", followed closely by the "stop sleeping during the day!" remarks.

I am thankful that I am a stay at home mom right niw, because if it weren't for those 3-4 hour naps during the day, I wouldn't sleep at all. The other day, it was seriously under 2 hours after having been awake for ovef 28 hours straight.

To say it fucking blows is a serious understatement.

I do have prescription sleeping pills, but they don't do jack. Otc meds work better at getting me to sleep, but they leave me feeling exceedingly groggy the next day. I have had several prescriptions over the past few years, and the ones that do work either leave me in a walking coma for a full day after waking up, or my body gets extremely used to them very quickly, and they stop working.

After that class a rant, i am really glad i only have 4 people that read this blog. Seriously. The ranting was kind of nice, but i am still here, at 3:30am without being tired. I have SO much to do tomorrow, and I can not afford to spend the day in a coma because i could not sleep tonight, but yet, there it is. I will.