Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wow... it's been a month!

So, I may have gotten a bit behind, and haven't posted here since before Spring Break.

Let's see, what all has happened.... well, Spring Break, obviously! This year, I decided that since Chris will be gone for part or most of the summer, I wanted to do something with the kids. We had limited options both money wise, and distance. Because funds were limited, I opted to do something close to home, so that travel time wouldn't take up a big chunk of what we did.

We ended up renting a hotel room in Grand Rapids for the night. I chose a hotel with an indoor pool, which fit into our budget. The day we arrived was gorgeous, so we went to the zoo. It was packed! It was a gorgeous day, and it was Spring Break just about everywhere. I was not the only parent with the idea to have some outdoor fun!

After the zoo, we went back to the hotel to swim- the room the pool was in is surrounded by windows, and was nice and warm- steamy from the sun, with warm water. The kids swam, but I hadn't thought I would want to just then, so I didn't wear my suit down- wish I would have, though!

Later that evening, we went to the public museum- one of my favorite places in Grand Rapids. I'm a total museum buff. I love looking at old things! Well, once more, thanks to Spring Break, plus a special night time event, the place was packed. I decided at the time to buy a membership, since it was only $20 more than we were already paying for admission, and I'm glad I did. It means we can go back anytime we want for a full year for free. And, I've already taken advantage of that twice since then!

Because the place was SO packed, we didn't get to see everything that night before closing time. We wound up heading back to the hotel, where the kids could swim again. Because of how nice it had been, I decided to swim- only now, it was dark, and the room was almost cold, and the water was freezing. I dipped a toe in, and opted to not swim at all.

We rented a movie to watch in the room, but the laptop I brought wouldn't play the movie, so we watched TV instead. I also couldn't get connected to the free wifi the hotel offered at all, which was kind of a bummer as well.

The next morning dawned cold, dark, and wet- just as I knew it would. We enjoyed a free breakfast at the hotel, then packed up, and headed out. We didn't get far- a huge hail storm hit, and forced me to pull off the road at Denny's. We tried to leave once when it quit, only to have it start up again, even worse. We finally decided to wait it out inside. We had all just eaten, but I let the kids pick out something to eat and get a fun soccer ball cup of soda to drink. The cups are neat- it has a divided middle, and is shaped like a soccer ball. You fill it with 2 drinks, and it has 2 bent straws that can be turned so they rest together, or turned away so each side can be drank apart.

I got online with my cell while we were there, and posted an update on the weather to the local news channel down there- which I found out later was featured on their noon news that day! How fun! They only post first names, but several family members noticed it and realized it was me because of where we were stranded.

When we finally got back on the road, we went back to the museum. I had hopped that due to the special night time events they were holding that week, that it would be less busy- I was wrong. It was MORE busy! We enjoyed visiting, though, and got to go through the entire museum again. The kids saw everything we missed, and they each got to revisit their favorite exhibits.

Later on, we stopped by my sister's apartment to see my niece, who turned 3 that day! Gillian and Raegan wound up staying in Grand Rapids for the rest of the week with family, so it was just me and Chris on the way home. We had a fun time for Spring break.

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